All Declarations for Weeds for the Upper Macquarie Region

Reference Page Numbers contained in this section refer to Weeds of Australia. W. Parsons and E. Cuthbertson, Second Edition

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
Department of Primary Industries NSW
USDA Plants Database (USA) - (Note: Due to differing common names for best results you may need to use the scientific name when searching this site)
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Herbicide (chemical) information contact Upper Macquarie County Council or use this link to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

REMEMBER: If using a herbicide ALWAYS read the label before use.

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Scientific Name: Eragrostis curvula

Scientific Name: Rubus fruticosus aggregate species

Scientific Name: Ligustrum lucidum

Scientific Name: Nassella neesiana

Scientific Name: Cytisus scoparius

Scientific Name: Ulex europaeus

Scientific Name: Carduus nutans

Scientific Name: Xanthium species

Scientific Name: Cortaderia species

Scientific Name: Cylindropuntia species

Scientific Name: Opuntia species except O. ficus-indica

Scientific Name: Toxicodendron succedaneum

Scientific Name: Cytisus scoparius

Scientific Name: Onopordum species

Scientific Name: Nassella trichotoma

Scientific Name: Hypericum perforatum

Scientific Name: Centaurea calcitrapa

Scientific Name: Rosa rubiginosa