The principle grant to the County Council is the Weed Action Program (WAP) allocation. This is provided by the State Government through the Minister for Primary Industries, however for a number of years this has not kept pace with inflation and can only be described as grossly inadequate.

The County Council has sought to access grants from other sources, in particular the Local Land Services (LLS) and the Commonwealth Government, to supplement the State Government grants. However, grants from these alternative sources are, at best, uncertain and cannot be relied on to fund the regular activities of the County Council.

In 2009 the State Government introduced the NSW Weeds Action Program (WAP), to replace both the Weed Control Coordination Grant and the County Council Administration Grant with a new grant regime which is targeted at the objects in the NSW Invasive Species Plan.

The level of grants and contributions from constituent councils is set out in the Management Plan- Delivery Program adopted by Council each year.